Canadian Horses going to the 2018 Gordyville Sale

Come on out for the OPHA Annual Banquet and Dance March 3rd at the Monora Park Pavillion (edge of Orangeville).
Tickets from Dan Barron, John Northcote, Ian Greenwood, Bob Black

Canadian Percherons consigned to the Mid America Draft Horse Sale (Gordyville)
LotRegNumNameLink to Canadian Percheron Registry for Full Pedigree
19Percheron MareF44238CRAWFORD/CURTIS HANNAH -[CAN]F44238Peter CurtisLink to CLRC Pedigree
27Percheron MareF44556O.J.B. MAY -[CAN]F44556First Start Acres - Eli EbersolLink to CLRC Pedigree
32Percheron MareF44300GLENCAL GORDY'S LINDA -[CAN]F44300Calvin S LipsettLink to CLRC Pedigree
34Percheron MareF45085THUNDER HILL ROSETTA -[CAN]F45085Jeff FiskeLink to CLRC Pedigree
42Percheron MareF44460UTOPIA'S CONNIE'S CASSANDRA -[CAN]F44460Todd JardineLink to CLRC Pedigree
52Percheron MareF44557MLC KING'S CHESLY -[CAN]F44557Bill StokesLink to CLRC Pedigree
58Percheron MareF44589LYNDEN MANOR SAPPHIRE -[CAN]F44589Glen SmithLink to CLRC Pedigree
104Percheron StallionPENDINGDELORME'S FSA OZZYFirst Start Acres - Eli EbersolRegistration Pending
107Percheron StallionPENDINGTHUNDER HILL AVENGERJeff FiskeRegistration Pending
108Percheron StallionPENDINGTHUNDER HILL KRYP TONIGHTJeff FiskeRegistration Pending
119Percheron StallionPENDINGTHUNDER HILL JAVELINJeff FiskeRegistration Pending
207Percheron GeldingM30223ROSEWIN SHYBOY -[CAN]M30223Louis GreggLink to CLRC Pedigree
217Percheron GeldingGRADEZURILeRoy WoodRegistration Pending
218Percheron GeldingGRADEDUKELeRoy WoodRegistration Pending
237Percheron GeldingM30065KNOX-BEEKEN CASH -[CAN]M30065First Start Acres - Eli EbersolLink to CLRC Pedigree
245Percheron GeldingM30033DELORME'S FSA LINCOLN -[CAN]M30033First Start Acres - Eli EbersolLink to CLRC Pedigree
272Percheron GeldingM30112EGAN HOME CAM -[CAN]M30112Louis GreggLink to CLRC Pedigree
283Percheron GeldingM29613BLACKHOME BLUEBERRY BOLD -[CAN]M29613Alain BergeronLink to CLRC Pedigree
284Percheron GeldingGRADEMR. BIGJohn DekroonRegistration Pending
John Northcote,
24 Jan 2018, 17:17