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Photo Albums

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2012 Orangeville Draft Horse Show

2012 Holstein Santa Claus Parade


2012 Dublin Valley Farms Open House ‎(Robert Hershberger)‎


Yoder Farm's Duke - Pasture Photos


2010 Holstein Non-Motorized ‎(Animal)‎ Christmas Parade


2010 Draft Horse Futurity ‎(Carsons Auction)‎


2010 Rockton World's Fair


2010 Fergus Fall Fair


First Start Acres Open House April 2010


2009 Holstein Christmas Parade

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2008 Markham Sale


From 2008 Markham Sale


Belgian Draft Horse Brigrade (practice)
2008 Holstein Christmax (Santa Claus) Parade - Non Motorized - Dec 13, 2008
2008 Orangeville Fair Fair Costume Class