Applications for the position of Ontario Percheron Horse Ambassador are being accepted!

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Submissions are due to the Secretary of the Association by May 1st


Open to any interested Ontario Percheron Horse Association member (or junior member) age 16 or over.


Any interested persons should submit a brief paragraph or two explaining why he/she would like to be the Ontario Percheron Ambassador to the Secretary of the Association. In the event that there is more than one interested person, the Directors of the Association will make the selection.


The volunteer duties of the Ontario Percheron Ambassador include:

1) Represent and promote the Percheron breed at as many fairs as she/he can attend, where Percherons are shown, by offering to hand out ribbons. Attendance at the Ontario Provincial Show (CNE), the Ontario Regional Shows (Navan, Lindsay and Simcoe) as well as The Royal Winter Agricultural Fair is encouraged.

2) The Editor of the Percheron Post (the Ontario Percheron Horse Association newsletter) will require a short biography and a picture of the Ambassador for inclusion in the Percheron Post. This will be required immediately after the selection of the Ambassador.

3) The Ambassador is required to submit an article about himself or herself, together with pictures, to be published in the Canadian Percheron Association magazine “The Broadcaster”. This is generally required in November.

4) Prepare a brief thank you speech to be given at the Ontario Percheron Horse Association Annual Banquet which is generally held in February.

While the position of the Ambassador is an honourary (unpaid) one and duties are voluntary, the Secretary of the Ontario Percheron Horse Association will pass on free passes that any of the shows may send.

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